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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tag! I'm it!

I've been tagged by Rick Schummer
As I understand it, I am to tell 5 things about myself. I'm not sure who to tag that hasn't already been tagged so I'm not going to do that now.

I'm very busy with client work these days. Doing a little bit of everything. VFP, .NET, classic ASP/VBScript, SQL Server and I'm also in the process of moving into a new office. (Getting out of the cubicle! Yeah!) Getting tagged came at a good time as it provides me with an opportunity to reflect on other aspects of my life. Plus, I've not been blogging lately so this gives me something to blog. I was actually considering shutting this blog down. Maybe I'll keep it for a bit longer.

So, here goes...

1. I joined the Navy instead of going to college right out of high school. I was a signalman on the USS Peleliu. Fortunately, I served during peacetime so I got to see many countries in the Far East.

2. My first computer program was written in Basic. I wrote it on my Dad's Texas Instruments PC (complete with analog cassette drive) to teach myself Morse Code in preparation for being a signalman. It played the equivalent Morse Code sounds and also flashed the dit-dah's on the screen as you typed letters and numbers. I was just "playing" and never thought I would actually do this type of thing for a living.

3. I grew up in Orange County, California and moved to North Central Indiana when I was 24, mainly because I was tired of living on Cup O Noodles. I worked for an Elkhart, Indiana based company which paid my moving expenses and hired me to manage their Netware 2.15 network, support and develop custom programs in Foxbase and implement the financial accounting package "SBT Series 6" All this as a result of writing label printing and costing programs in Lotus 1-2-3. Been doing mostly Fox development of one type or another ever since.

4. I was a "skater" when I was a kid. I can still do a 360 and can "free-style" a bit, but have no idea how to do an "ollie" and I think I'm too old to try. I had a membership to one of the first skateboard parks. It was called "Skatopia". I never made "Dogtown" status but knew a few people that were featured in Skateboarder magazine that were "pool" skaters and some had half-pipe ramps in their backyards. I was not into surfing but did a lot of "boogie boarding" at the beach. Now I just enjoy a round of golf every now and then. I am also a video game nut. I love playing multi-player 1st person shooters like Battlefield Series and Half-Life.

5. I've never been to any of the official "big" VFP conferences. (MS, Advisor, Southwest, etc.) I hope to do this someday.

Well, technically, that was more than 5 things, but who's counting?