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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Xiine - All You Can Read

Just read about this on Claudio's blog and thought I'd check it out. I must say I am very impressed with this piece of software. I have been a long-time user of Zinio and subscribe to a couple of zines on that platform. Although I have not done a thorough side by side comparison I will say that Xiine definitely has some features that I like. The zooming is better. You can rotate the zine in case your on a portrait monitor or tablet PC. Many options for layout if you don't like split pages you can read in a scrollable fashion, etc. I was able to pull in several back issues of CoDe from my subscription. Although, it only goes from Sept 2003 up to July/August 2004 for some reason... (I better check my current subscription status although I'm sure if it lapsed it was recent...)
Anyway, kudos to the EPS team for creating this slick application using some of the latest technology. Make sure to check it out and read more on Markus' blog.


ellen said...

Hi Randy -

Yes, your subscription expired in 7/15/2004. Many months we have "extra" copies that we send to old subscribers so I see you have been getting a lot of free issues. These don't show up in Xiine. :)

If you'd like to subscribe go to www.code-magazine.com/subscribe/conf1 for a special offer ($10 off or 3 yrs for the price of 2)

ellen said...
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Randy Jean said...

Thanks Ellen! Wow, tempus fugit! Thanks for sending the extra copies. I just renewed my subscription and am looking forward to reading future issues!
It's weird having a subscription that doesn't send renewal notices every month, even several months before the expiration :) (I won't mention these "other" subscriptions but let's say I'm no longer a subscriber)