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Monday, May 21, 2007

Business Decision Regarding VFP?

Mike Feltman just posted on his blog a counter-point to Microsoft's announcement. He brings up some very interesting points as to whether this was truly a "business" decision based on facts. I have been ranting for years (ask the people I work with) about the lack of respect VFP got from within Microsoft and the development community as a whole. I mean seriously, VB (pre .NET) was their idea of a data-centric programming language? And what about the horrible IDE called Visual Studio that it was packaged in. Ugh! If you ask me, they should have re-branded Visual Studio along with VB and those tools would probably be doing much better in the market place.
Andy hit the nail on the head when he talked about "the perception of the uninformed, marketing and buzz-word driven, benighted people who wouldn't dream of considering or using VFP anyway". Microsoft helped to feed that perception, in my opinion, or at least did NOTHING to refute it. Perhaps an internal memo educating their own people in the development tools division might have done something.
So yes, business decision it was, but I agree with Mike that this business decision was made long ago.

So, no more Visual FoxPro. Now what?

Great blog post by Andy Kramek on Microsoft's recent announcement concerning VFP. Andy's thoughtful insight is always refreshing.

Friday, May 04, 2007

It's a Good Day for Foxpro, etc.

Well, after all the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth the past few weeks over Microsoft's announcement I've had a pretty good week business wise.

First, we're being asked to help another software shop stabilize some legacy VFP code in some existing apps. Not too glamourous, but it's work and it's VFP. A re-write is not in the works due to $$$ but they are successfully deploying under the VFP9 Sp1 runtime.

Second, I just did some really cool enhancements to an existing app that gets data through an ASP.NET web service. In the same app I just added the Desktop Alerts Beta program from VFPx using a timer object to fire it off. - the best experience I've had with beta software in a long time. Client is very happy.

Third, Tod McKenna announced on his blog that their shop just purchased 5 new VFP9 licenses.

And, the icing on the cake, we just got sign-off on our first significant .Net application. We're going to try standardizing on StrataFrame which I will be giving a small demo with at the upcoming Chicago FUDG user group next Tuesday.

So business is pretty good at the present moment, VFP development included.

Not to mention, several MVP's have recently signed the MasFoxpro petition, which I agree, will probably not change Microsoft's position, but it sends a message that VFP is still a great tool and they are going to continue supporting the community and their clients.