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Monday, January 09, 2006

MA Wins First BattleField 2 Season Championship!

BEML Website

The BEML would like to congratulate the Mature Asskickers on winning the first BattleField 2 Season Championship. They capped off an undefeated season by defeating Indiana Vehicles on a closely played Strike at Karkand. A report by Dawg from =IV=:

"On Friday 1/6/05, (MA) & =IV= met in the (MA) server for the BF2 Championship. The 16 player Karkand map was selected and the teams fought it out 8 vs 8. In the first map, =IV=, on the USMC side was able to cap the Market and Hotel, but (MA) was able to hold them off for a 45-0 win. Second map, (MA), on the USMC side was able to cap the market, then the Hotel, and then flags were taken back and forth till =IV= was able to hold off (MA) for a 34-0 win.
Final score - (MA) 45 =IV= 34"

Thanks to all the teams that made this first season possible! Hopefully we'll have more of the same success with our next season.

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