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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Robin Williams in Battlefield 2

Looks like some famous people like playing the same online video game as I do:



Way cool.

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Plain John said...

I never really cared too much for Battlefield (1942, 2...) Too repetitive. It is really the same game over and over. I cannot tell one fps from another anymore. Not to mention, I get kicked out of every game I join because my computer does not meet the latest specs. How does it make me feel when people kick me out for not being rich like them? Bad. It reminds me of the time I accidentally walked into a Starbucks and saw the legions of "artists" on their snazzy Android phones and paper-thin Macbooks. You can't tell me that there are that many people writing their novels at S***bucks. If I was writing a novel, I would write it at home where none of the so-called "coffee-authors" could read it. I really don't like S***bucks. It's not the coffee that is bad--its the snootiness of the whole thing.

Plain John